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Lori Erion 

Founding President, CEO


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Can't do it alone.


To educate, empower and embrace families, friends and individuals struggling with addiction by providing support and promoting recovery. 


Become the model organization, empowering individuals and families along the continuim of addiction and recovery. 

We continue the fight in 2018 

Thanking all our donors, volunteers, participants and followers for your support during the last year.  

IN 2017 ALONE, 

Over 7,500 weekly meeting total attendance 

450 calls for information, support and resources

200 people connected to treatment

25,000 brochures distributed

Over 100 outreach events attended

The FOA Why

Our stories have power. These shared lived experiences educate, empower and embrace the thousands that we have reached.



Our hope is that our WHY becomes your WHY



Just wanted to let you know something that I observed last night. There was a lady that asked a question and a recovering addict spoke. A lot of people spoke up but this one particular young man, with tears in his eyes, gave advice to this lady. It was very sweet but it took me back to when John & T gave me advice. After the meeting, he went up to her and he hugged her and she cried! The vision of FOA was in bright colors last night. It was a very heartfelt emotional loving time – it's great and amazing to observe. It's kind of sad that sheriff Plummer and Judge Blaine missed that.
This is the heart of FOA!
Brenda Bell

Ask yourself, what is the price of improving a family's quality of life?  


Our weekly meeting cost is $3.00 per person, per week. 

For $60 your donation will help FOA support 20 people attend a weekly meeting. 

For $150 your donation will help FOA support 50 people attend a weekly meeting. 

Will you help us continue to work for this very important cause?

Three ways to gift:

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  3. Mail a check made out to FOA Foundation to: 

FOA Foundation

425 N. Findlay Street
Dayton, OH 45404

FOA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization

During the last year, Dayton, Ohio has been labeled the overdose capital of the United States. We are tragically losing 144 people a day in the U.S. to accidental overdose. The numbers are frightening. Parents are terrified; afraid to leave, afraid to come home, afraid to even answer the phone. 



FOA has a unique support system that focuses on success, hope and solutions. You are not alone.

FOA rebuilds families and transforms lives through the 3 E’s; Educate, Empower and Embrace. Through weekly support meetings in five Ohio counties (two more coming in 2018), navigation, one-on-one phone support and outreach opportunities, FOA is a sought after and respected resource in the Miami Valley. FOA is unique because we provide support for the entire family and advocate for individuals to find their face and voice, which is key to eliminating the stigma associated with addiction.

FOA is proving every day, that treatment is available and that people are getting better. See our stats here



  • Weekly meetings for all who are affected or curious about addiction and recovery

  • Creates a culture of understanding, respect and compassion 

  • Provide strategies for family support and obtaining and sustaining recovery  

  • Create an atmosphere that promotes the sharing of lived experiences of addicts and those affected by addiction

  • Disband myths and negative stigmas about addiction and recovery


  • FOA helps to expose people that have found and are living in recovery by creating pathways to connect them

  • Encourage a culture of transparency through messaging and modeling

  • Advocating for recovery resources when a person does not have the ability to advocate for themselves 

    • Act as advocate and liaison between the person and the resources

  • Annual FOA Rally 4 Recovery

    • To unite the people and resources of the Miami Valley

    • Eliminate the stigma associated with addiction 

    • Educate about addiction and recovery

    • Celebrate and show that recovery is possible and that it works!


  • Networking to build and maintain relationships with the (some under marketed) resources in our communities

  • Families are slow to find the proper resources with the current system, FOA fills that gap

  • Expedite recovery solutions and resource engagement

  • FOA is not financed by any treatment facility or resource, therefore our guidance is not influenced by funding or other assistance

FOA fills many of the gaps in our current system and improving the quality of life of those we touch. Because we know that you can't do it alone, we plan to continue growing and fighting for individuals and families affected by addiction. 

Will you help us continue to work for this very important cause?

With Gratitude, 

Lori Erion

FOA Founder

Can't do it alone. 
Resurgence of Community

2017 FOA Stats

2017 FOA in Pictures
Facebook Live with Mary Taylor 
4th Annual FOA Rally 4 Recovery
NBC Nightly News ~ Kate Snow
visits FOA Dayton
3rd Annual FOA Rally 4 Recovery
Balloon Launch

Year End Weekly Meeting Totals*

  • Total Attendance – Over 7,500

  • Unduplicated Total – 1,200

  • 35.3% Male 

  • 67.2% Family

  • 32.8% In Recovery 

  • Four Narcan Trainings 

  • Added two new counties in 2017

    • Darke

    • Shelby

  • Miami County relocated to Troy

  • Van Wert starting in January 2018

  • Initiating talks with Huron County

*Projected year end totals​


FOA Dayton – Life Enrichment Center

  • Total Attendance – 3889

  • Unduplicated Total – 440

  • 40.4% Male 

  • 62.4% Family

  • 37.4% In Recovery 


25,000 printed in 2017 alone


Interest in FOA Expansion

Ohio Locations – 9

Other States – 9

One-on-One Support/Referrals

Over 450 calls looking for support, information and resources


Connected to Treatment

Over 200 connected to the opportunity for treatment 



Outreach events/Speaking 

Over 100 events attended


  • Mark Zuckerberg Round Table 

  • Facebook Live with Mary Taylor

  • Facebook Live Living Uncaged 

  • Senator Portman Round Table

  • Senator Sherrod Brown Round Table

  • Creating a Narrative for Change The Opioid Crisis – panel member

  • DEA "Power of You" Rally

  • Tobias Funeral Home Keynote Speaker

  • Education for nurses

    • Miami Valley Hospital

    • Hondros College of Nursing  

  • Faith Initiatives (4) 

Ongoing Events/Outreach 

  • Conversation for Change 

  • Nova Family Nights (2/mo)

  • GROW Blitzes 

  • GROW Outreach

  • Second Chance Thursdays

  • COAT Recovery Meetings


4th Annual FOA Rally 4 Recovery

  • Keynote speakers

  • Over 2,000 in attendance

  • 50 Resources on hand 

  • Several known to connect to resources



  • Kernels for Life 

  • Conflict Resolution Skills Training

  • Advocacy Trainings

    • DEA 

    • Addiction Alliance Policy Forum



  • The Molina Community Champions Award

    • Billy Brokschmidt

  • AARP Andrus Recognition for Excellence in Innovative Solutions

    • Lori Erion

  • NCCJ Humanitarian Honorable Mention (National conference for Community and Justice of Greater Dayton)

    • Lori Erion

Media Opportunities 

40 Media References including:

  • NBC with Kate Snow

  • WHIO Reports

  • 2017 Rally Coverage 

  • NBC with Eric Salzman


What are people saying?

November 23, 2017

After a 10 year active addiction to heroin, my struggle is finally over. My mother acted as my sponsor and Lori Erion has been my guide and connection to to the resources and support necessary for me to finally overcome my addiction. Lori and FOA provided options that worked for me when I thought there was no hope.  I am proud to say that today, Thanksgiving Day 2017, marks my 6 month anniversary of being clean. I could not have done it without them. Thank You Lori Erion, and all of FOA. You are truly a blessing to everyone. 

Billy Martin


September 07, 2017

Just wanted to let you know something that I observed last night. There was a lady that asked a question and a recovering addict spoke. A lot of people spoke up but this one particular young man, with tears in his eyes, gave advice to this lady. It was very sweet but it took me back to when John & T gave me advice. After the meeting he went up to her and he hugged her and she cried! The vision of FOA way was in bright colors last night. It was a very heartfelt emotional loving time – it's great and amazing to observe It's kind of sad that  sheriff Plummer and Judge Blaine missed that. This is the heart of FOA!

Brenda B

Family, After a Dayton Weekly Meeting

May 18, 2017

I just want you to know that the information you provided me on 1/24/16 saved my son's life and he is thriving. He has not used since January and his relationship with all of us (me, his fiancee, his children, his sister and his brother-in-law) is profoundly improved.  I mentioned I was going to email you and he wanted to say it is not just him but everyone's life has been changed because of you.  We thank you with all our heart.

I know it's only been 5 months and people don't always recover and there are pitfalls but it's gone so well and he is so determined and he has a lot of support. We didn't go to many FOA meetings but oh my gosh doing that opened up conversations that we would not have had if we didn't go at all.

We all plan on coming to the FOA event in August to support you, FOA and I think just to stand up, be proud and witness that there is hope. Thank you so much for being such an important part of our lives.

Ann W

After reaching out about a missing person

June 06, 2017

just had to let you know how impressed I was at all the little details you had in place for yesterday's rally!

From start to finish, this was one of the best coordinated events that I have ever seen marketed, coordinated, and executed. It was a pleasure and an honor to be part of such a successful outreach event.


Linda Stagles

NAMI – Montgomery County – After the Rally

November 22, 2017

I am deeply thankful for you. You keep it real and I am most grateful for our partnership and more importantly our friendship. You inspire and make me better!

Greg Delaney


November 22, 2017

Lori, thank you for your commitment and boundless love for the struggling and hopeless people of the area. By sacrificing yourself you have brought the true meaning of Thanksgiving, family and unity, to endless and nameless neighbors and friends everywhere. You ARE what it is all about!!! Please never give up!!.

Julia Maxton

President, South Metro Regional Chamber of Commerce

November 21, 2017

Thank you for all your help to get me and my wife to where we are at now. I have 2 months now and life's good again thank you for reaching out. God put you in our life for a reason... Thank you so much!

Travis B


August 30, 2017

I just wanted to reach out and let you know I was at the Rally and I was so impressed. You are truly gifted at organizing. It means a lot to have a positive outlet for our grief and frustration. As a mental health/substance abuse counselor, I can tell you the work you do is appreciated, desperately needed and a blessing to many. Thank you for your commitment and very hard work! 

Marisa B

After the Rally

October 19, 2017

Lori Erion you have to be one of the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Without you and April I surely wouldn’t be where I am today. I love you, period. You’re changing the world one person at a time. And if you would have never started FOA who knows how many MORE lives we would have lost. You’re difference is in the numbers themselves.

Carli S

Recovery, After NBC Article

October 19, 2017

You are amazing! I look at you with such admiration. You manage and accept big time change, never give up and the “tour de force” proves it. Everyone keep reverberating the FOA message. Continue to share, grow and educate those around you so change is accepted and this town becomes a role model of change. Congratulations Lori, family and team! Go FOA!

Cathy B

Collegue, After NBC article

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Where Are We Headed?

On average, 144 people are dying every day in our country from drug overdose. Montgomery County, Ohio is losing over one person per day and Dayton is considered to be the worst metro city in the country for this opioid epidemic.

These numbers do not include all the people who have overdosed and survived or the family who suffers too. They are sons, daughters, moms, dads, siblings and friends. About 40,000 people in Montgomery County alone are dependent or abusing illicit drugs or alcohol and are NOT receiving the treatment they need (SAMHSA, Montgomery County ADAMHS Board). When you add in family and friends, the number who need support and answers is easily estimated at over 150,000.

That is why FOA Families of Addicts was founded four years ago by Lori Erion. She discovered her own daughter April, was one of those struggling with heroin addiction. Information, support and resources to navigate this nightmare were too hard to find and Lori felt there had to be a better way.

FOA has gone from 6 people and a pack of Twizzlers at our first support meeting, to serving over 175 individuals, families, and friends weekly in five area counties (Clark, Darke, Miami, Montgomery, Shelby and in 2018, Van Wert and Huron). We have made outstanding progress in supporting the entire family and eliminating the stigma associated with substance use disorder. Over 2.000 people attended our 4th Annual FOA Rally 4 Recovery Rally in August. 97% of our Dayton support meeting attendees say that FOA has given them more hope, focus, and productivity. 


Can't do it alone.

The opiate epidemic and substance use disorder are receiving much talk and FOA has been taking action for four years, boots on the ground, front line solutions. We have grown 43% in the last year – and remember we started with six people and a pack of Twizzlers. As a result of our growth, we have identified goals and objectives for 2018 and we need your help in implementing these goals!

Since FOA is the go-to for initial contact and resources, combined with repeated requests to start FOA Community Support Sites (CSS) in Ohio and beyond, this is where our passion lies. 

  • Sustain and grow attendance at weekly support meetings 

    • Sustaining current levels (current meeting locations)

    • Grow additional locations (FOA Community Support Sites)        


  • Cultivate and train at least 12 family/recovery advocates for the organization 

    • We have trained 9 individuals as Parent Coaches using KRAFT Strategies to date (see the story here)

      • Currently volunteer for as Parent Coaches ​


  • Develop and implement 1-on-1 navigational services to be available for all locations  

    • Resource management

    • Develop Helpline/Information response system

      • Number secured​

      • Possible partnership to utilize platform for notes and delivery 

Is this a tall order? 


However, we have shown we are dedicated, resilient and will not back down to fight for our families and individuals.

FOA is currently an all volunteer run organization and we need committed Committee Directors and/or staff to accomplish what our communities need and are asking for. 

FOA Community Support Site Committee

Finance Committee

Policy and Procedure Committee

Volunteer and Outreach Committee

Fundraising Committee


Annual FOA Rally

Email Mike Klosterman if interested in directing a committee

Ask yourself again, what is the price of improving a family's quality of life?