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2017 Rally Music by RISING LIFE

"Rising Life's new album is just, well, the best way I can put it, it is on another level, their songwriting went beyond that pro place everyone in the industry hopes to get too. Every song gets stuck in your head."


- Mike Casteel - Outlaw country legend during an interview

Rising Life is more than just music.

It is a husband and wife duo with a mission and a purpose

Rising Life will play a selection of cover band songs and faith-based originals.

Visit the Rising Life Website for more information about the band. 



Take part and be captured in the The BIG Picture — an aerial photo of the entire group to be shown as a visual sign of community strength and to reduce the stigma associated with addiction. Be a face and voice and help change the conversation. A short sobriety countdown will start the BIG PIC event with celebrated lengths of sobriety called and then all families, friends and individuals will step into the group, and the BIG PIC of 2017 will be taken. 


Balloon Launch and Bands for Balloons

Hundreds of red, yellow, white and green balloons will be released into the sky to symbolize each and everyone’s (including families and friends) personal place in addiction and recovery. 

YELLOW represents those in long-term recovery  

RED represents those still struggling 

WHITE represents those who are gone but never forgotten 

GREEN represents anyone touched by mental illness

Corresponding colored wrist bands are available for purchase at the Bands for Balloon table for $2 (or all 4 for $5).

Feel free to wear more than one color, as too often these circumstances overlap in our lives. When the balloons are released, hold your bands up high, and know that you are never alone. 

Bands will be available in weekly meetings prior to the Rally. 

See last year's balloon launch here


TapSnap Digital  – Photo Booth

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Attorney General Mike DeWine


Richard Michael DeWine (born January 5, 1947) is an American lawyer and Republican Party politician from Cedarville, Ohio. DeWine is serving his second term as Ohio Attorney General, a seat he won election to in 2010 by defeating incumbent Richard Cordray. DeWine was sworn in on January 10, 2011.


He is a candidate in the Republican Party primary for Governor of Ohio in the 2018 election.

Tim Ryan


Ryan, 47, has turned himself into one of the area's most prominent activists in the struggle against heroin, the confidant of police chiefs and politicians and soon, perhaps, the star of a reality TV show. His audacious style and compelling personal story — he kicked a ferocious habit only to see his 20-year-old son die of an overdose — give him credibility among people damaged by addiction.

TedX Talk

Chicago Tribune Article

Greg Delaney


Greg Delaney has been very active in the Hope Over Heroin events in the Miami Valley and represents the faith-based community. He is also an outreach coordinator for Woodhaven Ohio, a residential facility located in Dayton, Ohio. Greg also is the Founder and Recovery Coach for the Jeremiah Tree, a Greene County non-profit ministry whose mission is connecting people to Christ and to resources. 

Greg is the author of an on-going weekday BLOG called “Opportunities for Hope” ( which offers messages of encouragement and recovery to its readers and subscribers. Greg is an active member and advocate for the recovering community and serves on several boards. 

Varun Mahajan MD DABR


Varun Mahajan is a native of Dayton, OH.  He graduated medical school from Case Western Reserve University, after which he completed his residency in New York City.  He is an accomplished author and national speaker, and currently serves as chief executive officer at Mahajan Therapeutics.

Representing our FOA Community Support Sites
April Erion
Billy Brokschmidt


April is the daughter of FOA founder, Lori Erion. April's story on her addiction first aired on Fox45 in 2014. She was one of the first in active addiction to speak out in the hopes of helping and educating. Since then her recovery journey has had it's ups and downs and may not conform to textbook recovery, however, she knows firsthand the importance of family support. She is currently working as a server and learning her potential. 


Billy is one of FOA's most engaged volunteers and has attended FOA Dayton for over a year. He often sits with families after a meeting providing hope and education. He also is a key member of the GROW program, visiting homes where people have overdosed, providing support, resource materials and sometimes leading these folks to treatment. His passion is bike riding and he has participated in bike riding fundraisers for various causes. 

Eric C. Mata


Eric is a recovering addict and has been clean and sober since February 23, 2010. Since he began his journey in recovery he has earned a degree from a community college and is working towards a Bachelors in Social Work from Wright State University. He is proud to live in Springfield, Ohio with his wife and young daughter.

Amy Cost


Amy Cost retired in 2011 as a Master Sergeant, E-7 from the United States Air Force after 25 years of honorable service. While she served in the Air Force she worked as a police officer and a recruiter. After Amy retired she moved back to her childhood home in Troy, Ohio and worked for the State of Ohio as a Disabled Veteran’s Outreach Specialist (DVOP). While working with honorably disabled veteran’s she because disturbed because many veterans she met were addicted to Opioids & Opiates. She left that position to work with Miami County Recovery Council (MCRC) as their Community Outreach Specialist to help with the fight against heroin addiction.  She has worked with MCRC since Aug 2016.  

Jackie Wittler


Jackie Wittler is a person in long-term recovery from alcohol and other drugs, a daughter to a recovering mother, an ex-wife to an active user as well as the mother of a child with substance use disorder. She is the director of FOA Families of Addicts in Darke County, and is proactive in seeking solutions for families, friends, individuals and professionals in the recovery community. Jackie is also an Executive Director for a non-profit family martial art studio, The Dojang Inc. Jackie can be contacted at  

Trina Frasure


Trina Frasure, FOA Sidney Co-Director, is an individual with a year and a half clean from heroin and cocaine. She is also the mother of two daughters who are in active addiction; the reason she and her son Cody Odom, Director of FOA Sidney, are so passionate about helping families, the addict who is still struggling and the children who suffer from the effects of addiction in their hometown community. Their mission is simple to educate, empower and embrace their community.

Canvas of Hope

Sign it for FREE in memory or in honor of someone 

50 Resources

A chance to meet area providers of all types and take information home with you. 

New this year

Live Radio Broadcast

Duane Lawder founder Sober for Life Radio and will be in attendance and broadcasting the Rally live.


We are a clean & sober radio station that spreads a message of hope and that...Yes you can have fun living life clean and sober.

Stripped Clean

“Stripped Clean” a new television series will shed light upon various everyday modern moral issues. Inspired by her Mother and a vision from God, creator Amanda Joan Quimper's mission is to find new ways to change lives, bringing hope to the hearts of humanity with Season One: Heroin Epidemic: "A Call to Action".

Amanda will be available to interview anyone who wants to add to her documentary at the Rally,

YouTube video


Other Fun Stuff


$1 each, six for $5 – and 15 for $10

Face Painting

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Food Trucks

Shantz Express

Hearts Hot Dogs

Latin Apreas

TJ Nice Cream Truck