thank you


Sinclair Community College Huber Heights Learning Center

for so graciously donating the use of your classroom for our weekly meetings. You are amazing and the willingness to help is so very appreciated.



Sinclair Community College Huber Heights Learning Center

for teaching me how to use the audio visual equipment and being on hand for any questions that I have. You have been very patient and kind. 


Building Security   

Sinclair Community College Huber Heights Learning Center

for patiently putting up with FOA as the last people out every Wednesday. We really try to get out on time, but know that the friendships we are making are amazing. 


Darryl Meier

Dayton Daily News (CMG-Dayton)

for working with me to find an affordable way to run advertisements. Thanks for not agreeing that I was a pest.  :-)


Steven Matthews 

Dayton Daily News (CMG-Dayton)

for being really patient with me while I pestered you to run a blurb about the meetings every week. This is how most everyone has seen that this group exists and make the decision to check it out.



For your very generous private donation of $250. There are no words to thank you for your generosity.


Mary P. 


for your financial contribution which paid for the color advertisement which appeared in the Neighbors section of The Dayton Daily News. 


Doug R. 


for your financial contribution which helped to pay for acquiring the FOA domain name. 


ALOs (addicted loved ones)


for continuing to patiently and honestly educate and help our FOA families understand the twists and turns that your addiction brings into our lives and our homes. FOA would not be the great group it is without any of you. 


FOA Families


for reaching out and getting out of your comfort zone by sharing your stories, experiences, feelings and knowledge week after week. You are the core of the group. Mary, Brigid and Kevin, Paul and Lori, Mike and Cathy, Kathy and Doug.


Mike K.


for always being there for me and supporting any endeavor I have thrown into our lives, positive or negative, FOA being the most important of them all. You willingly came with me to the first meeting, and when I said, "when no one comes, we will put up a flyer and leave," you said, "you watch, people will come." And the first night, eight people showed up and I was nervous and excited all at the same time. I cannot thank you enough. 


My daughter, April


for being who you are. I love you and dedicate FOA and this website to our family of three, and to all the other families and addicts still suffering who have not found experience, strength and hope. May you find it now. 

Build it and
they will come

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